Application of polyester fabric in the fashion industry

Polyester fabric is a widely used fabric in the fashion industry. Crafted from polyester, this fabric is durable, easy to care for, and affordable. With these advantages, polyester fabric becomes a popular choice for fashion products.

Polyester fabrics are manufactured by fabricating polyester fibers, a man-made fiber created from materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Polyester yarn has high strength, low stretch and does not shrink after washing. With these properties, polyester fabrics can be used to create many different types of fashion products.


One of the benefits of polyester fabric is its durability. This fabric is resistant to many toxins and does not deform easily after washing. Therefore, it is often used to create sportswear, protective clothing and other fashion products with heat-resistant and waterproof features.


In addition, polyester fabric is also wrinkle resistant and does not shrink after washing. This makes it simpler to wash and care for fashion products made from polyester fabrics. With a few simple washes, the product retains its original shape and does not wrinkle or shrink.


With the development of technology, polyester fabric is increasingly improved in quality and design. Polyester fabrics can be produced in a variety of colors and patterns, from bright colors to unique textures. This fabric can be used to create a wide variety of fashion products ranging from clothing to accessories and bags.


On the market today, polyester fabric has many different types to suit the needs of customers. Polyester fabrics can be used to create a wide variety of fashion products ranging from clothing to accessories and bags.

Here are some illustrations of products made from polyester fabric:


With outstanding advantages such as high durability, low stretch, easy care and affordable price, polyester fabric is a popular choice for fashion products. Products made from polyester fabric can meet many different needs of customers, from sportswear to work clothes, from accessories to bags. If you are looking for a fabric that is durable and easy to care for, try polyester fabric and experience the difference!

Leading manufacturer of Needle-punched fabric in Vietnam

Although there are many types of fabrics on the market, the most widely used in various industries are non-woven fabrics and needle-punched felt, made from polyester fibers and known for their high durability and safety. Therefore, they are widely used in medical, interior, automotive, apparel, and other industries.

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