What is weeds? The impact of weeds on crops

In farming and cultivation, weeds are always considered to be “ thorns ” in the eyes of farmers and are often considered useless plants, There are no benefits that hinder human agricultural production. For that reason, People often find the best ways to destroy them at their root without knowing that, In fact this plant will be beneficial if it knows how to make the right use.


What is weed, are they really scary or not, otherwise how do they work on crops? Let’s find out through the article below!

1. What is weed?

Weeds (also known as wild grass ) are natural growth grasses in wild environments, not grown in a way of care or cultivation. They usually grow fast and can grow on all types of soil, including weak and contaminated soil.


Horsetail, hibiscus, thyme, clover and grass. Weeds are often considered to be harmful grasses in agriculture, because they compete with crops in terms of resources and can reduce their productivity and quality.


In some cases, weeds can also benefit the environment such as soil retention, provide food for wildlife and improve soil quality.


wildflowers has always been an integral part and also other plants and animals, they are always constantly struggling to survive and maintain the necessary balance. In the past when there were no scientific and technical advances, farmers often saw only the disadvantages that weeds brought to humans, However over time scientists have proven they can bring practical benefits, as long as we know how to manage and operate at our disposal.




have shown that, weed is considered a host for beneficial organisms in the soil as well as a tool in preventing and controlling the spread of pests and diseases. As a result, crops will be more conditional on growing and growing better with weed support in some cases.

2. Weeds harm crops in a variety of ways.

  1. Resource competition: Live weeds grow very fast and strong, it can compete resources such as water, nutrition and light with crops. This results in insufficient crop resources for growth and development, reducing their productivity and quality.
  2. Causing disease: Weeds can also contain bacteria, fungi and insects that are harmful to plants. These diseases can spread to other crops and cause serious damage to agriculture.
  3. Hiding pests: Weeds can provide shelter for insects that harm plants such as beetles and red wing aphids. If left unchecked, they can affect the growth of crops.
  4. Making harvest difficult: Weeds can grow quickly and densely, making crop harvesting more difficult. Cleaning the weed before harvesting can take a lot of time and effort.
Therefore, weed control and treatment is important to protect crop growth and ensure productivity and quality of agricultural products.

“ An uncontrolled weed farm will be an unfavorable environment for the development of crops. Weeds can compete with crops in terms of resources such as water, nutrition and light, causing reduced productivity and their quality. In addition, weeds can also be a habitat for pests and spread of disease to plants, causing serious damage to agricultural production and quality.”


3. Weed management measures.

– Do not leave seed grass in the field.

– Use the seed without grass seeds.

– Clean grass-cleaning agricultural tools before use.

– Use composted organic.

– Use a grass seed net when adding water to the field.

– Can be extracted by hand, tillage, appropriate water use.

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