SaiGon Tex & Saigon Fabric 2023, the largest textile exhibition

Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Vitas) Trade Federation, from April 5 to 8, in Ho Chi Minh City Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam branch office in Ho Chi Minh City (VCCI – Ho Chi Minh City) held International Exhibition of the textile-garment industry, equipment, materials and fabrics 2023 (SaiGon Tex & Saigon Fabric 2023).

SaiGon Tex & Saigon Fabric 2023 is the largest specialized fair and exhibition ever in Vietnam.

At the exhibition, there were more than 1,300 domestic and international enterprises in 21 countries and territories such as: India, Belgium, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc., an increase of 360% over the previous year. 2022. Most of the famous international textile machinery, parts and accessories will be on display at SaiGonTex &Saigon Fabric 2023.

Here, there are many new technological equipment of weaving, dyeing, spectrophotometer, automatic embroidery sewing machine, hanging transfer, digital conversion technology, CAD-CAM system, programming…

At SaiGonTex & Saigon Fabric 2023

For the first time, there is a separate international “dye, yarn and chemical” exhibition area. Within the framework of the exhibition, there are also seminars such as: Changes in the textile and garment market in the context of inflation, circular economy for the textile and garment industry towards sustainable development, Innovation to raise the level of textiles and leather. green economic development…and business exchange and connection activities.

In 2022, the textile and garment industry exports 42 billion USD 200 million, up 8.5% compared to 2021. Currently, in the context of economic difficulties, the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (Vitas) calls for investment in supply. for raw materials shortage in the near future.

At this exhibition and fair, many global manufacturers of raw materials and accessories will attend, domestic customers will have the opportunity to access raw materials sources, take advantage of trade agreements. free trade. Through this, the enterprise also provides solutions and automation equipment for the textile industry.