Needle punched fabric (felt fabric), also known as felted fabric, is a versatile textile that offers a wide range of softness and stiffness. It is made from polyester fibers and possesses unique characteristics. From soft and smooth felt to firm and robust options, it is specially designed to create a fabric surface that is either smooth or fuzzy, resembling feathers. This fabric provides excellent insulation and durability, meeting the diverse needs of various industries, including:

  • Interior Design: Used for cushioning seats, table runners, curtains, and other interior decor. Its softness and thermal properties contribute to comfort and warmth in living spaces.
  • Fashion Industry: Utilized in creating fashion items such as coats, hats, handbags, and accessories. Its flexibility allows for diverse styles and high-quality designs.
  • Industrial Applications: Finds applications in the automotive, electronics, and mechanical engineering industries. Its flexibility and high durability make it suitable for protective layers, vibration dampening, and insulation.
  • Decor and Events: Used for booth decoration, exhibitions, events, and exterior decor. Its wide range of colors and options for softness and stiffness creates a space for creative and captivating displays.

With its versatility in softness and stiffness and its wide range of applications across various industries, Felt Fabric offers significant benefits in producing high-quality products that meet customer demands.