5 most popular floor covering materials today

In order to meet the decorative needs and different uses of families, carpets are increasingly being produced in a variety of materials, the most popular are the following 5 materials. Let Thinh Gia Huy learn about the fibers that make up the carpet for you to make the best choice.


Synthetic fiber – Olefin – Polypropylene is the material used a lot to produce floor mats thanks to the advantages of tough, soft, very durable and non-static fibers. Moreover, this synthetic fiber can also produce many types of floor mats of different thicknesses at low to medium prices.

2. Polyester

Polyester is a soft fiber, bright color and has a high elasticity, which is used a lot to produce floor coverings. With this material, you can choose to decorate the living room space to bring elegance, sophistication, politeness and modernity.

Soft polyester fiber mat, bright color and high elasticity


Nylon is a material that has good elasticity, withstands pressure and withstands heavy loads when moving objects, so the floor mats made of Nylon material have high durability and long-term use. In addition, Nylon floor mats also have many bright, clean colors, which are very suitable for making living room carpets, bedroom carpets or dining room carpets, etc., helping customers to have many choices.

Nylon fiber mat has good elasticity and high durability


The surface of the acrylic fiber is almost the same as that of wool. Floor mats made of Acrylic fibers are usually of good quality and durable. Currently on the market, you often come across Acrylic fiber carpets with another name, which is velvet floor mats with ancient patterns and luxurious European-style lines, helping to create an attractive highlight for customers. living space.


Finally, in the top 5 popular materials to produce floor mats, you cannot ignore wool because this is an ideal material to create a beautiful floor rug. Woolen floor mats have the advantage of being soft like velvet, supple, luxurious and delicate colors, highly durable with a use time of about 10-15 years.

Currently, on the market, there are many models of woolen floor mats such as machine-woven wool carpets or hand-woven hand-made wool carpets with delicate patterns. The product model of woolen floor mats also meets the decorative needs as well as the purpose of use of consumers.

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Although there are many types of fabrics on the market, but to talk about the most used fabrics in industries, it is necessary to mention Non-woven fabrics and Needle tattoo fabrics, felt fabrics (felt).

These fabrics are made from polyester fiber and have high strength and safety, so they are used more in medical production, furniture, cars, apparel, etc.

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