Weed control fabric – Effective way in agriculture

“Restrict weeds, regulate humidity, keep soil structure, reduce nutrient leaching rate; prevent evaporation, so it saves costs on watering, fertilizers, limiting the use of herbicides, weeding work, and increasing product value” – These are the benefits from the model of using specialized agricultural fabrics. to cover the base of fruit trees is being piloted in many orchards in Thuan Chau and Mai Son districts.

Thinh Gia Huy Co., Ltd., Ho Chi Minh City, introduced specialized agricultural weed control fabric for members of Me Lec cooperative.


Visit the garden of the family of Mr. Lo Van Sao, a member of the Me Lec cooperative, Co Noi commune, Mai Son district, with an area of ​​more than 6 hectares.

In the rainy season, Sao’s family has to hire dozens of workers to weed and fertilize every month.

However, manual weeding is laborious and has many limitations, such as: The grass grows quickly, the impact of lawn mowers or using a hoe can cause damage to the roots and roots of the custard apple tree.

In the dry season, this land is quite scarce, while the na tree requires regular watering, so Sao’s family spends a lot of money to provide enough water for the custard apple tree.

An officer of Thinh Gia Huy Co., Ltd instructs members of Me Lec cooperative to use specialized agricultural cloth to cover the stump of the custard apple tree.

Direct connection

Following the whole process of implementing specialized fabric coating for the co-operative’s co-operative members, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tu, Director of Me Lec Cooperative, shared: Fabric coating technique is not difficult, just need to cut the square fabric to the size of 1m. , then cut lengthwise from the middle of one edge to slip into the base of the tree and pin the four corners of the fabric.

The cost of covering fabric is about 5-6 million VND/ha, the durability of 3 years should bring higher economic efficiency than hiring laborers to weed and pay for fertilizers and pesticides.

When the ground is protected by mulch, it means that the amount of fertilizer in the soil will not be washed away, keeping minerals and fertilizer nutrients to help plants grow optimally; at the same time, limiting the activity of insects and rodents.

Me Lec cooperative currently has 26 members, the main crop is na na with a total area of ​​200 ha na of all kinds. Mr. Nguyen Huu Tu, added: Based on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the pilot model of Mr. Lo Van Sao’s family, the cooperative will propagate and mobilize cooperative members to use cloth to cover the area. separately, proceed to cover the entire area of ​​the cooperative, contributing to reducing production costs, increasing profits and bringing to the market quality and safe products for consumers.

In the area of ​​Thuan Chau district

Quynh Thuan Agricultural Cooperative, Chieng Pha Commune, Thuan Chau District has also boldly piloted the use of specialized agricultural fabrics to cover dragon fruit trees, Ms. Lo Thi Dung, Quynh Thuan Agricultural Cooperative, shared: Through finding Understand, we see that the use of specialized cloth to cover fruit trees has many advantages. In the immediate future, we will use the pilot to assess the effectiveness of the results, then replicate all 13 hectares of red flesh dragon fruit growing under the VietGAP process of the cooperative.

Ms. Quang Thi Phuong, Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thuan Chau district, said: In the area of ​​Thuan Chau district is piloting the use of specialized fabrics to cover the roots of dragon fruit and pomelo trees in Chieng Pha commune. and Phong Lai.

After evaluating the effectiveness of this model, the district will research, deploy and replicate the use of mulch for fruit trees in the area, this is a premise to promote the application of science and technology. in production, bringing high economic efficiency to the people.

Water the custard-apple tree after using the cloth to cover the stump.


Talking about the effectiveness of using the original mulberry for fruit trees, Mr. Pham Trong Huy, Thinh Gia Huy Co., Ltd., said: This is a new product, the company has implemented in Bao Loc district, Di Linh of Lam Dong province.

After a period of application, people here appreciate very much, save costs and are very suitable for fruit trees. In Son La province, we piloted to support the whole cost of the 1.5 hectare model at Me Lec cooperative, on the basis of people’s self-assessment of the effectiveness of this model and will replicate it. The company is ready to support, advise and provide quality tree cover for farmers.

With the policy of developing green agriculture, adapting to climate change, the use of agricultural mulch for crops is an effective and cost-effective way to encourage people to apply in production, contribute to growing fruit trees in a sustainable way.

Source: https://baosonla.org.vn/vi/bai-viet/vai-phu-goc-cay–cach-lam-hieu-qua-trong-nong-nghiep-54325