What are quilted quilts and how to properly preserve quilted quilts?

The more clearly the weather changes, the more people create special products to serve the convenience of daily life. As the weather gradually warms up and no longer has the harsh cold of winter, thick cotton blankets are gradually replaced by thinner quilted blankets, suitable for changing seasonal temperatures.

Quilted blankets not  only keep your body warm when the temperature drops at night, helping you have a peaceful sleep, but also contribute to decorating your room according to your style and personal preferences.

THINH GIA HUY - Chan-bong
Mền chần bông được coi là loại chăn mỏng nhẹ hơn so chăn bông thông thường

A quilted blanket is a type of blanket that is quilted with a thin or thick layer of cotton depending on the purpose of use inside both sides of the blanket. Located in a tropical climate with 4 rotating seasons a year, Vietnam is a suitable land to use quilted blankets with a variety of sizes, thicknesses and thinness.

Quilted blankets are considered a much lighter blanket than regular cotton blankets, so they can be washed in a washing machine comfortably without worrying about the fabric fraying while also saving time and effort in washing. With a variety of designs, cotton blankets are now widely used to help bring warm sleep to many users.


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Mền chần bông hè thu hay còn gọi là chăn xuân thu là loại chăn mền được chần thêm lớp bông mỏng

Summer-autumn quilts, also known as spring-autumn quilts, are quilted with a thin layer of cotton, so there are 3 layers: The top and bottom fabric layers have the same material and color as the product’s bedding set, the thin cotton layer. between. With a thin layer of light cotton that brings a soft feeling to the user, summer-autumn quilts are suitable for use in spring, summer, fall or seasons that are not too cold.


Cotton blankets for winter are fixed quilts that include a duvet cover and blanket insert included in the set. This is a type of quilt that can be used more versatile.

Accordingly, this duvet cover can be made from 100% cotton or polyester covered with a cotton core layer for specialized use in winter. In the summer, the outer cover can be used as a thin summer-autumn quilt.

Come winter, users can insert the inside of a cotton blanket to increase the warmth and retain the heat of the blanket like a completely different winter blanket. For motels, hotels, and homestays, using this type of quilted blanket helps save a lot of costs in equipping the rooms with blankets.

Unlike summer-autumn quilted blankets, this type for winter is thicker and the structure is more complex, so when washing, users need to separate the 2 layers and process the thick inner layer of the blanket, wasting time and effort. than thin blankets.

Khác với chăn mền chần bông hè thu, loại dành cho mùa đông này dày hơn
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Mền chần bông bốn mùa là loại chăn mền cũng được chần thêm một lớp bông bên trong

Four-season quilts are quilts that are also quilted with an additional layer of cotton inside but overall consist of four layers. The top and bottom layers are the color of the entire product.

A thin layer of quilting cotton is placed between another layer of white fabric and the patterned surface of the blanket. Four-season quilted blankets are very convenient and can be used all year round with flexible materials, cool in summer and warm in winter.


Many consumers during use have questions about notes on how to preserve cotton blankets. I wonder if this type of blanket can be washed, hand-washed or machine-washed, and how to ensure cleanliness and keep the blanket durable without the fabric shrinking or fraying? The answer is that quilts can be hand-washed or machine-washed, but users need to note the following points to make washing most effective:


Today’s washing machines are diverse in load capacity. These numbers are something you need to pay attention to right from the moment you buy a washing machine. Parameters can be displayed directly on the machine or on the accompanying user manual. Make sure you have this information accurately. From there, ensure that the total weight of laundry items, including the weight of the quilt, matches the allowable weight of the washing machine so that the washing process is safe for both the machine and the blanket.

For example, the load capacity of regular personal washing machines ranges from 7 – 15kg. With this parameter, you can wash 2 – 3 quilted blankets at one time. If the number of items to be washed is larger, it should be divided into several batches of laundry. In addition, the inside and cover of the blanket should also be separated and washed separately. Although this takes more time and effort, it ensures safety and cleanliness.

THINH GIA HUY - Giat-ga-goi
Ngoài ra ruột và vỏ mền cũng nên được tách ra giặt riêng

To wash blankets properly, you must choose the washing program suitable for this type of blanket. The gentle wash program is suitable for washing this blanket while still ensuring a clean wash without kneading the blanket too vigorously. If you choose a washing program with a higher capacity, it will cause the quilt fabric to wrinkle and the inner quilting layer to fall apart, not retaining its original quality.

After washing, you should also rinse twice to ensure all soap powder or detergent is removed from the blanket. The cotton layer inside is a foaming type that is difficult to remove soap from if you only rinse it once.

In addition, users should also note how to properly put quilts into the machine:

  • It is necessary to check to see if there are any special stains to take special treatment measures before putting blankets into the machine. Food and coffee stains may need to be pre-treated with lemon or baking soda to remove them. This helps remove stubborn stains that the machine cannot remove.
  • Fold the blanket in half lengthwise, then roll the blanket into a cylindrical shape and hold the cylindrical shape firmly in the machine. Folding blankets like this helps the machine operate more smoothly.

In addition, experts recommend using specialized detergents for washing machines instead of using regular laundry detergent. Specialized laundry detergent is neutral and gentle to help dissolve well in the washing process and penetrate deeply to clean each fabric fiber easily. Meanwhile, regular washing powder sometimes clumps and does not dissolve completely, so it sticks to cotton and fabric, easily causing allergies when reused.

THINH GIA HUY - Giat-goi
Nước giặt chuyên dụng là loại trung tính, dịu nhẹ để giúp hòa tan tốt

After being washed, users should expose the blanket to gentle sunlight in an airy place so that the blanket can dry completely and kill remaining bacteria, while preserving the natural scent. Some types of cotton blankets do not need to be dried 100% by natural light. You can dry 80-85% of the blankets and blankets, then use the dryer to help them dry completely for months.

In fact, when you dry a blanket, you may encounter a phenomenon where the outer cotton shell is dry but the inner quilting cotton is still wet and flattened. To overcome this situation, you can apply the trick of adding a tennis ball into the washing machine while drying the blankets. The movement of the tennis ball in the washing drum will help dry the cotton core quickly and also inflate the blankets, helping them return to their original bouncy state and dry much more easily.

THINH GIA HUY - Phoi-men
Sau khi mền chần bông được giặt sạch, người dùng nên đem phơi mền ra ngoài ánh nắng dịu nhẹ


As a type of blanket with a variety of sizes and thicknesses, blankets also need to be well preserved when used. Users need to keep blankets, pillowcases and bedrooms always cool and clean, avoiding mold and stuffiness due to not opening the room door or not vacuuming regularly.

In addition, when not in use, cotton/cotton blankets need to be stored in a specialized bag that can absorb moisture and stored neatly in a cool, dry place.

5. Summary

Quilts today are a familiar product of many Vietnamese families. Equipping blankets suitable for different weather conditions will ensure good sleep and health safety, thereby regenerating energy effectively for the next long working day.

Blankets in general and blankets in particular sometimes require skill and sophistication in how to use and preserve them. However, being careful will help you preserve them better, extend the shelf life of the item and save on the cost of buying a new one in the most effective way. Therefore, please learn clearly about the product, materials, and notes to have the most suitable way to use it to bring complete comfort every time you use it.


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