What are artificial feathers? Is artificial feather or natural feather better?

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Is artificial feather or natural feather better?

Artificial feathers

It is a synthetic form of natural feathers. The material is constructed from polyester microfiber that simulates a soft feel at a lower cost. However, you should not be confused with cheap polyester material.

Since it’s not of animal origin, it’s a great choice for someone with a feather allergy but looking for a similar pattern.

Natural feathers

Renowned for their incredible softness, feathers are derived from the fluff of geese, ducks and swans. Highly natural feathers are lightweight, multi-threaded, making them an excellent thermostat.

If it is of animal origin, consider whether it meets ethical standards and is certified to the RDS feather responsibility standard.

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Artificial feathers with natural feathers

Heat retention index (Fill Power)

With this indicator, you will know the volume that 1 oz of feather filled product to determine the quality of the pillow core. In particular, the higher the index, the better the insulation pillow.

  • Index 400-600:  This level is great for people in warm climates who don’t worry about nighttime insulation issues.
  • Index 600-800:  This is considered an excellent index, suitable for people living in colder weather or sleeping in low temperatures.
  • Index 800+:  This number is ideal for people who live in freezing areas or need to be warmer at night.

Quantifying artificial feathers is much more difficult as it is made of many different materials. To achieve the same insulation index, the man-made material needs to be filled more densely. That means artificial feather pillows are much heavier than natural pillows.

Best choice: Natural Feather


Since feathers are obtained from poultry, it can cause allergic reactions, especially in people who are sensitive to goose feathers. In addition, feathers can cause other allergies in the bedroom due to the accumulation of dead skin, pet dander and dust mites.

Artificial feather material is a great hypoallergenic alternative to traditional. With synthetic materials, pillows are less likely to accumulate allergens in the bedroom.

Best Choice: Artificial Feathers


Feathers stand out for their soft and breathable properties. Due to the lighter nature of feathers, you can feel the lightness and luxury without adding any weight like artificial feathers. This material has good breathability whether your blanket is thin or thick.

Since man-made fibers require a higher density to achieve the same level of insulation, it is less breathable than traditional down. If you don’t get hot easily, artificial feather pillows are a great choice to stay warm and comfortable at night.

Best choice: Natural feathers.


While it can be difficult to clean a feather pillow, some items are still machine washable. If you buy this pillow, make sure to use a front-loading washing machine with chlorine-free detergent and mild detergent. If you’re drying clothes, use a clean drying ball or tennis ball in the dryer to prevent clumping.

Many artificial feather pillows are machine washable. This makes them ideal if you’re looking for easy-to-maintain bedding.

 Best Choice: Artificial Feathers


If you are looking for a long-lasting pillow, natural feathers may be the best choice for you. Traditional materials are much more durable than synthetic fibers. With daily brushing and careful cleaning, pillows and duvets can last for years.

Since artificial feathers are easy to wash at home, it may wear out more. However, pillows and duvets can last for many years with proper care.

Whether you choose a pillow or blanket made from this material, you still need to make sure it is covered by a warranty should anything go wrong.

Best choice: Natural Feather

Impact on the environment

There are several ways to look at the environmental impact of natural packs and man-made pillows. In particular, artificial pillows may be a better choice for the environment because they do not use captive animals. For vegetarians and animal lovers, this pillow pattern could be a more eco-friendly or ethical choice.

However, artificial pillows also have problems. It actually lasts longer. That means rarely going to landfill, natural substances decompose many times faster than man-made. If you are concerned about waste, natural feathers are more friendly.

Best choice: Natural Feather


Because feathers come from poultry, natural pillows are naturally more expensive. In contrast, artificial feather pillows are the most budget-friendly alternative. Therefore, you can enjoy ideal sleep.

Best Choice: Artificial Feathers


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