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Quilting is the addition of Padding between 2 layers of fabric, usually cotton or tencel to increase comfort and ventilation.

This is the type of blanket that Vietnamese people often use:

+ Summer-autumn or at the time of season change between autumn-winter or spring-summer.

Cotton wool is often added to products such as coats (life jackets), bedding, and helps create a layer to keep warm.

It helps to increase the beauty of the product because it is processed and the texture will be according to the customer’s design.

With reasonable prices, Thinh Gia Huy Co., Ltd. both provides quilting services and provides raw materials for customers to facilitate product processing.


Life jackets are usually quilted with 3 layers, the outer 2 layers block the wind, the middle layer is mixed with soft cotton fabric.

Helps to waterproof as an insulation layer to help keep the body warm, with a unique pattern on the shoulders to create accents.

Increase fashion for products.

Bedding is always considered an extremely essential and basic item of every family and is also a very important product in interior decoration.

Help decorate your bedroom space.



  • The product is quilted extremely convenient because of its light weight and high durability.
  • Machine washable without worrying about ruffles or color fading.
  • The product is good to use at times when the weather is a bit chilly or at night when the temperature starts to drop.
  • Processed products are usually bright in color.
  • Luxurious textures help create a fresh and modern look for your bedroom space.
  • The product is very popular in bedrooms that regularly use air conditioning all year round.


  • However, the winter climate in Vietnam is not too harsh. But wool blankets are still not suitable for areas with cold weather.

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