Toys made of felt fabric that are safe for children.

1. Tại sao nên chọn vải nỉ làm đồ chơi cho trẻ:

Nowadays, there are many different types of toys on the market, with diverse designs, colors, materials, and shapes. However, parents or teachers are not always sure about the safety of these toys. Therefore, to ensure the utmost protection for children, adults can make toys for their children by using safe materials. Felt fabric is a top choice for safe materials used to make toys for children.

What is felt fabric:

Felt fabric is a type of fabric that is covered with a thin, short, and slightly soft layer of fuzz. It is created by pressing thin fabric fibers together to form a thin layer, rather than being woven together.

Soft felt fabric & variety of colors.

The effect of felt fabric brings:

– Felt fabrics softness provides safety and comfort for children, making it a great material choice for making toys.

– Additionally, Felt fabric is water-resistant, which can increase the life span of the toy. If the toy does get wet, it also dries relatively quickly.

– Felt fabric comes in a variety of colors, allowing for the creation of colorful and attractive toys that can capture children’s attention.

Pictures of some toys made of felt fabric:

2. How to make felt toys for children

When it comes to toys for children, there are various types such as stuffed animals like teddy bears, rabbits, other animals, books, fruits, etc. However, they all share a similar construction method, differing only in their outer appearance.

The materials needed to make a felt fabric toy include:

+ Felt fabric in various colors

+ Scissors

+ Stuffing material

+ Needle and thread

+ Buttons, sequins, ribbons, etc. for decoration,…


Step 1:

First, you cut the felt fabric into the shape of the toy you want to make. Note that you need to cut it into two identical pieces.

* Ex: One of the most popular toys that almost all boys or girls love is a teddy bear, so you just need to cut the felt into 2 pieces in the shape of a teddy bear to make the toy.

2 felt pieces cut into teddy bear shapes.
Step 2:

You can add some details on a piece of fabric to make the toy more vivid before sewing the two pieces of felt together.

The teddy bear has been decorated with eyes, nose, buttons, and then stacked on top of each other and sewn together.

Sewing like that until almost the end of the outer edge, leaving a small hole for stuffing. After stuffing enough cotton, sew up the remaining hole tightly.

Step 3:

So now you have a toy made from felt fabric, if you want it to be more beautiful and eye-catching, you can decorate it on the outside with some sequins, ribbons, …

Complete product

That’s just a basic way to make a common toy using felt fabric. Nowadays, there are many different and diverse toys made of felt fabric, so adults can flexibly adjust the way they make toys to suit each specific type of toy, making it more suitable, efficient, and time-saving.

3. Kindergartens have started using felt as toys for children:

To ensure the safety of children when going to school and to allow parents to focus on their work while their children are at school, preschools are increasingly creating many safe toys for children, including toys made from felt fabric, and even these felt fabric toys can be used for teaching and creating a fun learning experience for children.

Fruit or fish

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