Thinh Gia Huy participated in Dak Nong conference December 27, 2022

On the afternoon of December 27, the People’s Committee of Dak Nong province held a meeting of the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee to have a dialogue with farmers and cooperatives in 2022 with the theme “Supporting farmers and cooperatives to link, cooperate and develop agriculture. eco-industry, improve the quality and value of agricultural products, meet the consumption market”. This is the first time the Chairman of Dak Nong Provincial People’s Committee has held a dialogue with farmers and cooperatives.

Thinh Gia Huy’s display booth introduces

The conference was held in person at the Provincial Convention Center and online to 7 district-level bridges and 71 commune-level bridges. Chairman of Dak Nong Provincial People’s Committee Ho Van Muoi chaired the conference. Attending the conference were 400 delegates who are typical farmers and cooperatives representing more than 60,000 farmer members and more than 400 cooperatives and cooperative groups in the province.

Specialty stalls of each district in Dak Nong province

At the dialogue conference, many questions were mentioned, focusing on 8 groups of issues, such as: Support for capital, credit for production investment; focus on supporting, promoting cooperation, linking “4 houses”, supporting farmers and cooperatives to build brands, trademarks, area codes for growing/breeding, certifying product quality to implement linkages; digital transformation in agriculture; attracting enterprises to invest in the field of agriculture, deep processing of agricultural products; attracting young intellectual labor force to work in agriculture; Mechanisms and policies for land allocation, land lease and land use conversion, support for the construction of infrastructure of cooperatives…

Farmers from many localities in the province attended the Conference

Speaking at the conference, Chairman of Dak Nong Provincial People’s Committee Ho Van Muoi emphasized: Dak Nong identifies agriculture as one of the three important pillars of the province’s economy. The Agriculture sector has made relatively comprehensive development steps in both breadth and depth. The agricultural sector has always had good growth, averaging 4.6% per year. The proportion of agriculture accounts for more than 37% in the economic structure of the province, in 2021 alone accounts for 38.11%. The collective economy in the province also has many positive changes, agricultural products are produced according to the requirements and orientation of the market.

However, the agricultural sector still has shortcomings and limitations, such as agricultural production mainly based on household farmers, lack of linkages; raw material areas have not yet been formed to meet the requirements of concentrated commodity production; processing industry is still slow…

In order to remove and help people and cooperatives, the Chairman of Dak Nong Provincial People’s Committee requested all levels, branches and localities to focus on propagating and increasing the dissemination of good practices and effective agricultural models; improve the role, position and ownership capacity of farmers; promote vocational training, production skills, adapt to the market; develop modern, sustainable agriculture in the direction of ecology, applying high techn

Delegates visit stalls displaying typical agricultural products of Dak Nong province

In the coming time, Dak Nong needs to perfect mechanisms, policies and administrative reforms in the fields of agriculture, rural areas, farmers and cooperative economy. Focusing on improving the efficiency of land management and use, increasing state investment in agriculture and rural areas. Effectively implement policies to attract investment in agriculture, attract large enterprises to invest in the processing sector and link farmers to production along the value chain. Promote the application of science and technology, digital transformation, e-commerce application…


Thinh Gia Huy is honored to participate in the conference, to bring to the farmers safe and quality products, to help increase crop productivity and reduce the cost of caring for “WEED CONTROL FABRIC  . Above are some pictures of the stalls of relatives and Thinh Gia Huy LA Co., Ltd