Dual benefits of agricultural mulch, weed control fabric

Fabric is specialized for covering around the base of plants, mulch fabric has many effects such as: Preventing weeds, regulating humidity and maintaining ground structure, limiting diseases, reducing fertilizer leaching when watering. water or heavy rain, prevents the evaporation of fertilizers, thus contributing to saving costs on irrigation water, limiting the use of herbicides, weeding, increasing product value, etc. Therefore, mulch fabrics are increasingly widely used in fruit growing because it brings dual benefits to farmers.

Officials of Thinh Gia Huy Co., Ltd. – Ho Chi Minh City introduced tree stump mulch fabric to members of Me Lech Cooperative in Co Noi commune, Mai Son district.

In Son La province, tree stump mulch fabric is being piloted in a durian garden in Me Lech village, Co Noi commune, Mai Son district. This model is coordinated by the Provincial Department of Crop Production and Plant Protection. with Thinh Gia Huy Co., Ltd. – Ho Chi Minh City to promote the application of science and technology for intensive cultivation of custard apple trees, thereby encouraging people to widely apply mulch films for fruit trees towards agricultural development. sustainable business in the coming years.

Officials of Thinh Gia Huy Co., Ltd. – Ho Chi Minh City instruct how to use mulch fabric to cover tree stumps

The household of Mr. Lo Van Sao, member of Me Lech Cooperative, Co Noi commune, Mai Son district, Son La province grows more than 6 hectares of custard apple. During the rainy season, this custard apple garden has to hire dozens of workers to weed and fertilize every month. However, weeding and cutting grass also have many limitations such as: Grass grows quickly, the impact of lawn mowers, or using hoes can easily damage the roots of custard apple trees. In the dry season, this land is quite scarce of water, while custard apple trees require regular watering, making it very difficult for people. After being informed about the advantages of tree mulch, he boldly applied it to his family’s 1.5 hectares. Under the guidance of Company officials, he found that the mulch fabric was easy to use. When watered, it absorbed quickly and did not let the soil wash away. He said: During the rainy season, the grass grows very quickly, and the family has to weed every month. 2-3 times, and in the dry season, the custard apple tree requires watering to create moisture for the tree, so it must be watered once a day, while this area is often scarce of water, so it is very difficult. After being propagated, guided and actually using mulch fabric for custard apple trees, I found that it both prevents weeds and moistens the roots. The fabric has a durability of up to 3 years. When using mulch fabric, it only takes 3 to 4 days. Irrigation, compared to labor costs, irrigation water is more economical, this is a very feasible and economical measure for gardeners.

Members of Me Lech Cooperative water the custard apple roots after using geotextile to cover the roots

Using tree mulch means that the area around the tree base is covered to prevent sunlight from entering. This helps limit the growth and development of existing grass sprouts in the soil, concentrating nutrients for plants. Not only that, this mulch layer also helps prevent water vapor from evaporating during the hot season, while also helping to limit the amount of water seeping into the soil when the rainy season comes, limiting the process of erosion and leaching of nutrients, as well as such as the activity of insects and rodents.

When the ground is protected by a layer of mulch, the amount of fertilizer in the soil will not be washed away. This helps farmers save a lot of time and money on care and fertilization, retaining minerals and fertilizer nutrients to help plants grow optimally.

In many countries with developed agriculture, agricultural grass cover fabric is widely used in the farming industry, especially fruit growing. The use of agricultural grass cover fabric has many advantages such as: Preventing the growth of weeds, competing for nutrients with crops; Moisturizes the soil, prevents manure drift, especially on sloping land, reduces costs of electricity, water, weeding labor… especially, limits the use of pesticides and plant protection chemicals on crops , bringing benefits to consumers’ health. Tested at the custard apple garden, the cost of mulch fabric is only about 5-6 million VND/ha, 3-year durability in all weather conditions, which will significantly save production costs for farmers.

Mr. Pham Trong Huy, Thinh Gia Huy Co., Ltd. – Ho Chi Minh City added: Tree base mulch fabric absorbs water and evaporates it, but it evaporates slowly and absorbs water evenly, so it has the advantage of preserving water. With high humidity, I usually water 1-2 times a day but the tree’s roots are still dry due to rapid evaporation, but when covered with this fabric, I only need to water once a day or once every 2 days, the tree grows and develops. good, limiting weeds, washing away soil, people do not have to use herbicides, limiting environmental pollution. This is a new product, this product the Company has implemented in Bao Loc, Di Linh, Lam Dong province. After a period of time, through practical application, people here highly appreciate it, the cost is economical. and is very suitable for fruit trees.

Currently, Son La province has about 84,000 hectares of fruit trees, many models of fruit trees on sloping land, agricultural production according to VietGAP standards… bringing high economic efficiency to people in the province. With the policy of developing green agriculture and adapting to climate change, the use of agricultural mulch in custard apple gardens is a good way to encourage people to be creative in producing other fruit trees to contribute to development. agriculture in a sustainable way.

Nguồn: sokhoahoc.sonla.gov.vn


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