Needle Punched Fabric A Key Component for Truck Interiors

Needle Punched fabric is a ground breaking material gaining rapid popularity in the truck interior components industry. Offering numerous advantages over traditional materials like leather, felt, and plastic, embroidered fabric elevates the class and luxury of your vehicle.

The spare parts are used to line the inside of the truck with needle punched fabric

 product portfolio for commercial vehicles comprises systems and components for the exterior and interior: for the engine bay, the underbody as well as for the interior floor and interior trim.


Interior floor

Interior floor products makes the vehicle lighter, more comfortable and environmentally friendly while providing optimum acoustic performance. In addition, these multifunctional components also meet the increased requirements for a pleasant driving experience thanks to their outstanding cleanability, low odor and high durability.

Products among others for application on the interior floor:

  • Washable surface flooring

  • Carpet systems

  • Dampers


Interior trim

In view of the advancing electrification of mobility, noise reduction in the trunk area of vehicles is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to their high proportion of recycled material, interior trim components are particularly sustainable. In addition, these multifunctional components are lightweight, extremely durable and have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Products among others for interior trim application:

  • Headliners

  • Side and rear panels

  • (Heated) Floor mats

  • Upper storage

  • Bunk bed support



Engine bay

The engine bay is the vehicle area where most of the noise and heat sources are concentrated. With innovative lightweight and multifunctional components,  automobile manufacturers to address new regulations for pass-by noise and COemissions.

Products among others for application in the engine bay:

  • E-motor and accessory encapsulations

  • Engine and gearbox encapsulations*

  • Noise shields



Textile-based and correspondingly lightweight underbody systems absorb noise and therefore simultaneously reduce the interior and exterior noise of cars. They also enhance the aerodynamics of a vehicle. This leads to lower fuel consumption and reduced vehicle emissions.

Products among others for underbody application:

  • Under engine shields

  • Heatshields


Needle punched fabric is a great choice for those who want to enhance their car’s interior. With many outstanding advantages, this fabric will bring you comfort, luxury and class throughout the journey.


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